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Bosses critised for over-valuing themselves

Source: Liverpool Echo
Date: Monday 5, April 2004
Page 28

INCOMPETENT bosses are living a lie and deluding themselves of their worth to their company, a new survey claims.

More than 25% of staff and management are deceiving themselves when it comes to self-analysis of their skills and attitudes.

And another 20% are completely oblivious to their weaknesses, the Life Orentations (LIFO®) survey of 1.100 subjects has found.

The authors say bosses and staff are not just deceiving themselves – they’re also deceiving their employers and colleagues.

“There are highly influential people in UK businesses who are being self-deceptive because they are unaware of their failings, or simply living a lie and avoiding situations in which they’ll be challenged or tested because they know themselves so well,” said LIFO® UK managing director Bridget Biggar.

“There are large numbers of managers in the UK who can’t manage, can’t listen, can’t control, get too involved, can’t delegate, get their priorities wrong, confuse colleagues and lose sight of their longer-term objectives.

She added: “The managers themselves all too often know their weaknesses but refuse or fail to recognise them. The tragedy is that these weaknesses can actually be used as a strength – admitting a shortcoming and doing something about it gives you advantage over others who won’t concede a failing for reasons of insecurity or pride.”

LIFO® has tested and assessed a vast range of people in the past year and surveys have illustrated that people with massive ability often have no commitment or drive, whereas there are average-iltellect staff who put in massive efforts to omprove themselves and their colleagues.
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